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kangen water delhi

Kangen Water Delhi, Medically Certified

The Rolls Royce of Water Devices

Our Kangen Water Delhi machines are the only medically certified water processing machines that produce alkaline ionised water.

Better Health, Better Life

Create a better life for you and your loved ones by offering the best water available. Purify your vegetables from pesticides,  get better energy, sharper mental clarity and more with improved hydration. 

Augmented Healing

Whatever your current health program, improved hydration can support your health regime. Alkaline ionised structured water represents the latest and the best you can get. 

Colon Cleansing

The digestive system is the seat of a lot of healing. Kangen Water Delhi facilitates a cleaner colon. 

Clinical Applications

As a top of the range medical device, Kangen Water Delhi is not a kitchen appliance – it is a machine with serious healing potential.


  • For some reason, I find myself much more relaxed. More resistant to excitability and upset. Calmer and sleeping more soundly and actually resting, not just lightly sleeping.
  • After drinking 1 gallon of ~9.5 pH water for 2 1/2 weeks, all of my pain symptoms from severe O-Arthritis disappeared completely. So did the curving forces exerted on my spine.
  • The large dry scratchy patches on my elbows disappeared after 4 1/2 weeks. The large, thick, and hard callouses on my toe tips have almost completely disappeared after 6 weeks.
  • Micro wrinkles have disappeared from my face, as have my forehead horizontal creases.
  • My hair has blackened, thickened both in density and individual follicle thickness. Profoundly. Noticeably.
  • No fatigue, no aches and pains, no knee swelling. (I have an artificial knee).
  • After 6 weeks, my mind is sharper than it has been for 4+ years. Yahoo !!
  • My situation with holding my pee went from disastrous to being able to hold my water for 3 hours
  • Properly hydrated for the first time in a long time, if ever. Good Luck with your health whatever you decide. If you have your health, you have true wealth.


My husband has high uric acid and is a diabetic which causes gouty arthritis. His hands, fingers, knees, actually all of his joints caused him great pain, preventing him from playing golf and some times even getting around. Now he is mainly free of pain which he feels is all due to his drinking ionized water. He claims he can’t live without it.

I, on the other hand have hypertension, high blood. I swear by this water. My coffee tastes better, cocktails taste better and I feel better. Amy my 12 year old grand daughter has completely cleared her face of pimples by using the astringent side on the face daily. It’s like magic.

This machine, I would guarantee any one, will keep them healthy and out of the doctor’s office. It’s fantastic and a treasured machine in our kitchen.

– Mrs G. Sirhal

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