That depends. What’s your plan?

We have a systemic approach to building your own international business that can earn up to USD5,000 per month for life.

Common Plans Everyone Encounters

Plan #1: Savings

Low risk, low return. Depending on where you live and where your cash lives, the returns may be even lower than inflation and as a result, it can lose you money over the long term to save excessively. Examples typically include a bank savings account, fixed deposits and pension funds.

Plan #2: Low Risk Investments

This method is usually use by beginners taking tentative steps into attempting to build wealth. These are typically put into a financial institution and generates small returns. Examples include mutual funds, unit trusts, REITs and bonds.

Plan #3: Mid to High Risk Investments

These are high risk, high return. These are for experienced and seasoned veterans – most have already paid their “tuition fees” in the market and are skilled in a wide range of analytical methods including fundamental and technical analysis. Not for the faint of heart and requires considerable time and effort. Examples include: forex, futures, options, cryptocurrency and stocks.

Plan #4: Property

Property has historically been considered the darling of investors, promising good capital appreciation with low risk. However, they are not a cash asset and liquidity can be a big problem. Not to mention, rental collect often goes back into paying the mortgage. Oversupply can also go unaccounted and bubbles have emerged even in developed countries causing large crashes in value.

Plan #5: Traditional Business

Starting your own business can be as rewarding as it is challenging. It is often easier to understand a demographic (particular when you’re in it) and supply a demand. However, starting out on your own can be challenging and riddled with pitfalls. Startups are notoriously risky and come with a range of requirements a neophyte may find difficult to navigate – can you imagine yourself managing inventory, accounting, marketing and operations all at once? While franchising can solve these support problems, they often have high capital requirements and may not be much less risky.

Plan #6: Online Business

Starting your own online businesses have seen huge upsurge in popularity recently. However, only 5% of people ever make a sustainable and any noteworthy income. In addition, like the high risk investors, these individuals have often paid their dues through trial and error. The average age of a  startup founder is 45 so be aware of the myth of the young maverick entrepreneur.

Plan #7: Kangen Water Distributorship

This is our recommended course and our program for creating real passive income and real entrepreneurs. Like a traditional franchise we provide an PROVEN international support business structure with existing demand and a step-by-step system that you can own and adapt. This way, you can focus on building a successful enterprise and we take care of the nitty gritty. Unlike a traditional franchise, capital requirements are extremely low. There is no need to stock inventory, handle accounting requirements, hire staff or any of that. And the best part is, you can establish this business ANYWHERE. We have offices around the World from India (of course) to Australia to Singapore to Hong Kong and the United States. We span the globe and our leaders have access to this entire network.

Traditional Franchise Kangen Business
7  figure USD franchise fee 4 figure USD minimum capital investment
7 figure USD setup cost
< $300 setup cost

Ongoing monthly cost, typically 6 figure USD cost

No mandatory ongoing monthly cost
Regular royalty payments
Supplying company pays you a commission for any sales on top of leadership bonuses as your business expands

Why Become An Authorised Kangen Water India Distributor


We create a competitive advantage for all our distributors. Don’t just be another face in the crowd:

  • Only group able to certify you as an Authorised Kangen Water Systems distributor
  • Proven model for building long term wealth quickly through the Kangen business model internationally
  • Professional training and support all over India
  • Medical support from healthcare professionals
  • Gain a competitive advantage over other distributors through our matrix

Many make the mistake of signing up as a distributor under their friends and relatives only to find their business compromised by unprofessionalism and unethical practices. Even worse, come end up supplying inauthentic machines manufactured outside of Japan!

We are currently accepting open applications for distributorship. To apply, please submit your application below:

Kangen Water India Distributorship Application Form


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Secure An Advantage

Become more than just another face in the crowd. We have a network able to support you with:

  • Basic fast-start training
  • Medical support
  • Lead generation
  • Fast-track training
  • Passive income generation
  • Rapid growth strategies

Our training guarantees that you have the best chance of success in your new venture. Even experienced business owners have commented on the quality of our training and support all over the World. Give us a call and find out how to get started.

Kangen Water India Distributor

Are you interested as an individual or a company? Are you an executive in a multi-national corporation looking for financial freedom or a house wife looking for a part time income? Whoever you are, we have helped people just like you in India start, grow and develop their business to a high level of independency. We provide top notch support while giving you the range you need to be successful. The Kangen Water India Distributor experience is like no other where you can see these waters heal first hand while being rewarded with a business model like no other.

We are a dedicated and passionate professional team dedicated to help people achieve health one cup of water at a time. Kangen Water India can prove to be a personally and financially rewarding opportunity if you are looking for a strong and ethical business model. Our signature Kangen Water India model can be used to service a range of environments from the office to the home. We will help you hit the ground running and grow your business on the spot.

As a Kangen Water India Distributor, we have a formula for success that you can leverage to build as large or as small a business.


We provide technical training for all our distributors in India and other centers, Please write by specifying your location in the process so we can better serve you.

Kindly note that such disease reversal are subject to not only consumption of Kangen water but in conjunction with lifestyle intervention. Personalized health solutions do not feature failure cases as they are specifically tailored to perform.

If you are keen on business opportunities with Kangen Water, get in touch with us!

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