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Interested in buying a Kangen Water machine in India? But not sure how much it should cost? Save yourself time and money by understanding which machine is most suitable for your household. You wouldn’t want to get a machine too small for your household nor too large (eg. an industrial unit is both bigger and more expensive).

kangen water price india

Questions you need to answer:

  1. How big is your household?
  2. What are the primary applications you are interested in? (eg. personal health, personal farming
  3. How hard is the water in your State?

Putting budget aside for a moment, the questions above make sure you are getting the most for your money no matter the budget. After all, $1 wasted is still $1. Take the time to pick through the above questions and you’ll make sure that this is a machine that provide you quality water for life.

But are there any general rules?

For most individuals, the Kangen K8 is the most suitable machine – the master of all trades, the K8 ticks all the boxes for most families. It’s guaranteed to do almost anything you would want in an alkaline ioniser in India.

The next step up is the Super 501 – unnecessarily expensive for most households. Most relevant if you’re looking for an industrial grade machine.


INR268,500one off
  • The Affordable Work Horse


INR333,500one off
  • Demand The Best

Super 501

INR385,500one off
  • Your Business Depends On It

What Is The Best Kangen Water India Price I Can Get?

Call us or fill in the below opposite to find out what the best price you can get for a genuine legitimate Kangen machine is! Don’t fall for the fakes out there in the market – the cheaper parts and lack of support will cost you much more in the long term.

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